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          Your heard their screams; the shouts and shrieks of people who had once lived in the abandoned city, forcibly driven out of their homes. Black metal boots clanked against cold concrete, the sound echoing through iron skeletons of what used to be. The wind ran through the hollowed buildings, now in ruins, provoking a harsh howl from the dying giants. You stared up at the dusty, grey sky, the sun’s halo-like form slightly peeking out from behind the clouds. The solemnness enveloped you, cradled you in its cold arms.  

          You felt a nudge; silently, you turned around. A pair of blue eyes faced you.

          “It’s time to go now, (y/n).” You gave a slight nod, picking up your iron helmet from where it had been dropped. Small bells rang. Snapping it on, your hair folded back under. In stillness, you and your partner walked, back to the motor, back to the base, back to your artificial home. The forest grew to consume, trees as large as skyscrapers canopying the sky. Oh, how the city died, a slow and painful death, reverted back to the nature form which it came from. You just wished you could’ve eased the pain.   

          The rover stood in the middle of town, a large robot-like thing as large as three tall men standing on each other’s shoulders; maybe four. In the years since the beginning of the war technology had advanced, not only progressing the human kind, but also bringing it to its end. You were in the 26th armed infantry unit. The military had treated you well; it had given you a home, a partner, a friend, and a reason to live again. But it had also given you an uncontrollable doubt in the depths of your soul; a sleeping beast.

          Ludwig, your partner, climbed into the monstrous machine. The armed suit groaned and whined as it returned to full height; its metallic form shimmered in the morning’s new light. You mounted your motor bike, something simple from the old times. You loved it though, the feeling you got as the cold air slashed away at your covered face.  

          “This is Border Control, Unit 2. Our patrol is complete; we’re going to head back.” You looked up to see Ludwig, his face set in stone. He was a good soldier, maybe too good of a soldier. Everybody knew the story; it had turned him heartless. In all the years you had been working with the man, had he ever laughed? Had he ever really smiled? No.

          You started the engine, the gun slung around your shoulder at a ready standby. As the two of you started to leave, the city called to you. It yanked your heartstrings. The collapse of human kind was eminent as long as this war lasted.


Just a preview! To be named at a later date, couldn't think of a good name for it just yet. A series I plan on writing. Hope you guys like it!
Edit: So I renamed it. Yay!

Preview: [here]
Chapter 1: [link]
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josie1130 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMGGGGGGGGG this is gonna be amazing i just know it!
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just a question what does TBN mean??
Akasya-Wolf Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student
To be named.
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Akasya-Wolf Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student
*fidget*........Yes? >.<
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:iconmoarplz:......... that is all
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